Paradigm Management was founded in 2002 to serve the financial management needs of small to mid-sized businesses and their Owners. Paradigm focuses on improving the profitability and cash flow of its clients by providing financial leadership in the key areas of the business: cash flow management, operations, and accounting.

Every business has an accounting system…not every business uses the information to manage its future. Unless data is turned into information it’s of little value. Our job is to transform financial data into information that helps business Owners  improve profitability; manage cash flow, debt and working capital; and enable Owners to reach their goals.

Paradigm Management works as a strategic partner with the Owners and Management Team of small to mid-sized businesses providing CFO, Controller, & Profit Improvement Services. Our staff have all filled C-level positions with organizations for more than 20 years. 

All businesses have a need for financial leadership...not all businesses need this on a full time basis. Paradigm Management provides financial leadership on a permanent/part time basis that fits the need of the client, whether it's one day a week or one day a month. The skills and expertise we provide bridge the gap between the financial needs of the business and the skill set of the existing staff...we don't expect to replace existing staff.

Whether a business is meeting expectations or not Paradigm will help implement best practices that enable the Management Team to Manage for Profit. The leadership that Paradigm brings to a business provides a PARADIGM SHIFT which Thomas Kuhn defined as “…a change from one way of thinking to another… a revolution, a transformation, a sort of a metamorphosis. It doesn’t just happen, its driven by an agent of change.”